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Léo CO-OP in Burkina Faso

For more than ten years, Delapointe has maintained a stable and dedicated partnership with Léo CO-OP, specializing in the production and sale of bulk shea butter.
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The Léo CO-OP that was formed in 1997 as the Women Producer’s Union of Shea Butter Products of the Sissili and Ziro Provinces (UGPPK-S/Z) has joined a federation in 2011 under the name of Nununa Federation (Federation of Unions of Producers of shea butter and sesame). Headquartered in Léo—165km from Ouagadougou, Burkina’s capital city—the cooperative provides work for more 5000 women.

Today, 24 groups of 870 members of the 12 sectors and villages of Leo form the union of Yala. It has five (5) production centers. It was officially recognized in 2011 in the Federation which includes Nununa itself 5000 women slip of shea nuts and shea butter producers. Nununa now federates 115 Women Groups unified in 9 unions, including Yala union, from Leo.

The cooperative obtained its Fair Trade Certification from FLO-CERT in 2006 and its Organic Certification from Ecocert and NOP in 2007.

Léo Union aims to improve the lives of rural women and their families by increasing the revenues they can earn from the production and commercialization of shea butter through Fair Trade networks.
Fair trade principles 

Impacts on women producers 

Fair Trade is not charity. It is an effective, concrete tool for ensuring that our African friends live and work each day with more dignity. These producers are true business women and hard working entrepreneurs.

We are proud to work with them and for them.