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Supporting the Education of Children!

With the participation of the Cooperative Leo in the field, Shea Delapointe is able to support orphaned children so they can have access to primary or secondary schools based on their age.
Just a contribution of a few hundred dollars will enable a dozen children to attend school for the year. Money is used to purchase basic school supplies (notebooks, pencils, backpacks) and provides a hot meal each day.

A small contribution makes a big difference in the lives of these children.
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Did You Know?

The majority of Burkinabe children, particularly girls, do not have the opportunity to attend school due to lack of money? It only takes $100 for a child to attend primary school for one year.
Does this inspire you? Donating to educational programs is an effective means of reducing poverty. Donate now 

Program Information:

You will receive the following information:

Photos and profiles of each child supported by Shea Delapointe.

A project report that will show tangible results of our support.

Note: Shea Delapointe is unable at this time to issue charitable donation receipts. We will be joining in the near future a Canadian Charitable Foundation so that you will receive receipts for tax purposes. This alliance will further formalize our international cooperation activities. Please contact us for more information.

Technical Support

Karité Delapointe supports the women of the Léo cooperative in many different ways, such as training them about product quality requirements in the North American market.

One of the technical support projects we are most proud of is that we provided the cooperative with maple syrup presses that enable the women to filter two tonnes of shea butter per day!

In this endeavour, Karité Delapointe and UGPPK-S/Z want to thank Les Équipements Lapierre www.equipementslapierre.com for providing a filter pump worth $2,000CAN in the fall of 2009.

International Volunteering

Since 2002, Karité Delapointe has been working in collaboration with Uniterra, an international volunteer program jointly managed by CECI and World University Service of Canada (WUSC), operating in 13 countries.
Thanks to the work of Uniterra, many Canadians can travel to Burkina Faso to work with the Léo community. Additionally, members of the cooperative are able to come to Canada each year in order to promote Fair Trade shea butter and to reinforce their significant Canadian partnerships.

For more information: www.uniterra.ca