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At Karité Delapointe, we believe in the importance of environmentally-friendly production processes.

In Québec, we make Organic Certified skincare products according to methods that are ecologically responsible. We also encourage Léo Cooperative to adopt sustainable production processes that respect the natural environment.
In Burkina Faso, shea butter is produced according to Ecocert’s specifications and environmental criterions (ref. Chapter 1.3 Environmental Criterions):
  • Good farming and industrial methods
  • Water and energy resource management
    o   Promotion of renewable energies
    o   Reduction of greenhouse gases
    o   Responsible management of water
  • Waste management
    o   Attention to compost and methanation solutions (production of methane)
  • Protection of biodiversity
    o   Evaluation of the consequences of production and product-transformation on the environment

Due to these principles, Ecocert Certification ensures a final product that is almost entirely free of chemical additives and encourages production processes that do not have a negative impact on the environment.

In addition, members of the CO-OP are now working on new ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Working towards better waste management, The Union of Léo is establishing processes that will help recycle water and nut shells in order to create compost and ecologically responsible sources of combustible energy. This will also generate potential revenues for women and the larger community.