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Karité Delapointe is dedicated to Fair Trade, sustainable development, and international cooperation.

Why should you buy skincare products made with Fair Trade Certified shea butter?

Since the creation of shea butter is an extremely demanding physical activity, we believe that producers deserve payment that reflects their hard work.
In the conventional system, however, very few sustainable jobs are created for the advantage of African women. Because international shea trade mainly involves the sale of nuts rather than processed butter, very little profit remains at the local level.

Approximately ten multinational companies control the majority of shea trade world-wide. In the global market, these large companies purchase the nuts at an extremely low price from intermediaries in developing countries. From there, the nuts are processed into oil in the countries of import, typically in Europe and Asia. The trade of raw nuts represents roughly 95% of the global shea market. Unfortunately, when companies drive down prices as low as possible, shea butter producers are unable to make a profit. In addition, since raw nuts capture the lowest profits in the supply chain, producers do not benefit from the profits made by processing the nut into butter.

By purchasing shea butter that has been transformed into butter locally in Burkina Faso, Delapointe creates jobs and contributes to the well-being of thousands of women producers and their families. Moreover, because Léo CO-OP is a Fair Trade organization, the women producers are also owners of the organization, able to benefit more from the sale of their product.

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