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Pure shea butter is a natural African wonder that deserves wider recognition!

In addition to helping various populations fight dry skin for centuries, we also know that queen Néfertiti owed her beauty to the use of natural shea butter.
Smooth and creamy in texture, shea butter has a hazelnut scent that comes from the karité nut. To make it easier to spread, warm the butter in the palm of your hand before applying.

Delapointe shea butter, extracted by women from Burkina Faso using traditional methods, is rich in fatty acids, insaponifiables (which have emollient and anti-inflammatory properties), latex (karitène), carotenoids (which give its pale yellow colour), phytosterols, and vitamins A, D, E, F and K.

Delapointe shea butter moisturizes, releases, and protects. Use it every day on your whole body, lips, hair, and even on your face!

Delapointe shea butter moisturizes   Delapointe shea butter releases   Delapointe shea butter protects  

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