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Supporting orphans of Burkina Faso

Praxède Lévesque Lapointe supports 8 children in Burkina Faso so they can have access to school, basic school supplies, a meal each day and tutoring help after class for those who have learning difficulty.
Following is an extract of a letter from the Nununa federation who sent us the educational outcomes of orphans and vulnerable children supported by our annual donations.

"For the 2012-13 school year Karité Delapointe kindly renewed its commitment to supporting the neediest at the great pleasure of orphans and vulnerable children in their schooling. This allows even a little relieve for parents and guardians who have difficulties in providing school fees, food and supplies to children in their charge, and give a chance to those children to benefit from the education as all other children.

This report presents the results of school activities first and second quarters (October / December and January / March 2013) sponsored children…

…A General Assembly with parents of students in each city permits us to review the past year and make arrangements for the current year.
The focus during this meeting has been put on the accompaniment of children outside of school, in the evening and during the school holidays. Parents shall ensure that children revise lessons in the evening. And for that, they need the appropriated lighting and peace, order to allow the child to study.
Some parents were then asked to levy in the restoration fees for the purchase of flashlights with regular renewal of cells. Unanimously it was granted for the welfare of children. "
Niangao K. C. Aschlet : Social mission officer, from environment pane of Nununa Federation
A small contribution, a big difference!