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French documentary "In solidarity with shea"

Immerse yourself in the heat of Africa!

Back from Burkina Faso,6 trainees from “Quebec Sans Frontières” wanted Quebec public to be aware of the importance of shea butter, often called " the green gold of African women". The documentary “In solidarity with Shea” puts forward the benefits of shea butter and its positive impact on the socio-economic development of women in Burkina Faso. It is a tribute to the woman who just solidifies the social and economic tissue of their families and their country by her involvement. Pooling their resources and their involvement in education, services to society are an example of solidarity.

Much more than a natural beauty product, shea butter is an important source of income for these women. Picking the fruit to marketing the finished product, the documentary highlights each step of the process.

Karité Delapointe is proud to recommend this wonderful documentary and to encourage QSF trainees in their fundraising.

Purchase of our fair trade products helps thousands of african women to improve their quality of life.

View the documentary (in french only-on YouTube)