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Karité Delapointe

A Canadian and Quebec company, for more than 20 years, a pioneer in the importation of premium quality certified organic shea butter. Our food grade shea butter from Burkina Faso is a beautiful golden yellow and has a nutty smell.

We are also creators of high-end, fair-trade and certified organic body care products.

At Karité Delapointe, we have your health and that of the planet at heart, which is why each product is chosen with the greatest care.

We are a small company with deep values. We love the nature of here and elsewhere and respect it. We are acting with her.

Why choose Karité Delapointe?

100% natural and organic ingredients

Perfect for sensitive skin

Excellent for skin prone to various ailments

Gluten free

Not tested on animals




Product of Quebec/Canada

Top quality ingredients