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Our organization

Pioneer in the importation of Fairtrade Certified and Certified Organic shea butter in Canada for 20 years, Karité Delapointe was the only company importing Fairtrade Canada certified shea butter.

We distribute shea butter in bulk and produce our own line of body care products including body & face balms; repairing lip balms; sensitive skin soaps and conditioning shampoo bars. We also produce private label products upon request.

Our meticulous production is based on natural cosmetic techniques and is elaborated according to high quality standards in order to offer the best of nature in its pure state. Learn more >>

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Dear customers, Karité Delapointe Thank you
It is thanks to you that fair trade exists and continues. Karité Delapointe We firmly believe in solidarity and dignified trade. It is necessary to create fair business relationships based on mutual trust with you and with the communities of the South.

Together with our collaborators, we work to promote fair trade & certified organic shea butter and the benefits for women producers in Burkina Faso, a country that is diversified and rich in culture, but where conditions of poverty persist. We wish to make these products, which are synonymous with the valorization of women’s work, cultural identity and leadership, as accessible as possible.

Our employees have many faces: employees, volunteers, trainees, subcontractors, organizational partners, retailers and distributors. All of them are committed to fair trade, sustainable development, organic farming, responsible consumption and healthy and environmentally inspired products of nature.

If you also share these values, support us in increasing the demand and availability of Fair Trade & certified organic shea butter products.
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