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Natural hoof care Pégase


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All natural, the hoof care Pégase is fortifying, emollient and regenerating. Excellence for a healthy hoof.


All natural, the hoof care Pégase is an emollient and regenerating tonic. It is a unique, ecological and complete product that satisfies the needs of the horse in harmony with nature.


Our SHOE CARE Pégaseis very effective in preserving and regenerating all parts of the hoof. It encourages healthy growth and maintains the suppleness of the tissues (crown, sole, fork, etc.). Perfect for a beautiful white line, it makes hoof trimming easy.


This TREATMENT has been designed to effectively treat hooves, but it is also very effective in reducing inflammation and promoting the repair of damaged tissues, such as cracked hoof, soft soil, fork rot. It can be used on the foot, muscles, tendons and joints of the horse. Repels fungus and scabies.


This product is versatile and can be used on minor injuries, cuts, sunburn, insect bites, itching and skin infections.



Apply carefully to the brush, on and under the hooves, the sole and the gaps by going up to the crown, every day, to correct a problem.
Apply every 2 to 3 days to keep the hoofs healthy. Feel free to apply it to the tendons and injured muscles to accelerate their healing.


*Note: This treatment is also highly appreciated by people who want to treat their joints with a natural product, painful knees, etc. Apply massaging on and around the painful area, as often as necessary, and as long as the pain is felt. A natural care that does not only lull pain, but promotes healing.


See the Ingredients tab for details on the properties of each active ingredient in the product composition.

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