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Breathe balm


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This new intensive Balm treatment will offer you unparalleled relief.   The virtues of the essential oils of this Balm  product will bring you well-being and relief.

  • Provides relief during winter and seasonal ailments
  • Excellent in massage
  • Protects and repairs chapped hands by hard work in water or cold
  • Treats cracked elbows and heels*
  • Protects the skin from cold and chapping
  • Protects and regenerates the skin of noses that are sore from colds
  • Prevents and relieves the blister of walkers
  • Allows for a deep massage with better adhesion (does not stain the tissues)
  • Contains vitamins A, D, E, F and K

Enjoy the calming virtues of menthol, mint, balsam fir gum, camphor, eucalyptus, wood tea, hemlock and cedar. Apply by massage for optimal relief.   Use Melt a small amount of butter by rubbing it between the two palms of your hands. Thus, the butter is liquefied in oil and allows easy and sufficient application.   **For more information on the properties of Shea Butter, please refer to our page.

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Butyrospermum Parkii°, Olea Europaea° ,Mentha Arvensis° ,L-Menthol°,Abies balsamea s,Cinnamomum camphora,tocopherol,Eucalyptus globulus° ,Gaultheria procumbens°,Tsuga canadensis,Thuya Occidentalis

° Biological ingredient verified by Québec true S Wild picking