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Organic cocoa butter in flakes


Un beurre de cacao en flocons, d’une divine odeur de chocolat, mais sans le goût ! Zéro cholestérol, et résistant aux hautes températures, il ne brûle pas.  L’idéal pour griller ou sauter tous vos aliments!

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Replace your oils with this Zero Cholesterol Butter that doesn’t burn!

This undeodorized CACAO butter is 100% pure, organic, fair trade and has a chocolate smell… divine! Rich, creamy and velvety, it does not taste like chocolate.

For cooking, try these flakes to sprinkle.

Pour into a glass jar of your choice, sprinkle directly on the food or in the frying pan and grill to perfection*.

Quelques usages :

  • Because it does not burn, gild your pancakes, mushrooms, scallops, steak! Even on the BBQ! Zero cholesterol!
  • Make your own white or black chocolate
  • Add a little bit to your chocolate recipes to add shine and texture
  • Sprinkle a little on your Thai food to perfume them
  • Add to your home body care recipes for more firmness
  • Sprinkle a little in your bath!

Delapointe cocoa butter is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, as well as minerals (iron, calcium, copper, magnesium). It also contains flavonoids, including antioxidant polyphenols.

Completely vegan. Untreated. First quality. Imported directly from a group of producers in Ecuador.

Keeps very long at room temperature (keep away from heat).

*Note: Cocoa butter is resistant to very high temperatures, which is why it makes it possible to perfectly grill the food without the taste of oil or burnt butter.

*Note : do not confuse cocoa butter and coconut oil.

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